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What does it mean to be human? We are always growing until the day we die. We need each other.There is no one else like you--with your personality, your experience, your hurts, your hopes, and your understanding. To be human is to be of value--and to doubt that value.


We grow most deeply when we can process our suffering. We find meaning, hope, and identity in the fiery furnace of our struggle, and through each other.


I can assist you by pointing you toward tools to help you, by helping you make sense of and shape your story, and by walking with you as you learn to follow your inner compass.


My approach is consistent with existential-humanistic theories of counselling, but always with an eye to doing what works best for the person in front of me here and now.


Follow the four links to learn more about the role of relationship, hope, darkness, and the Inner Compass in this process.

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