A significant part of what I attempt to do is to help clients learn more about who they are and are meant to be. What are your deepest desires?
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Spiritual Name
Disowned Selves
Through Gestalt I learned about disowned selves: a constellation of traits/energy that, as a result of our developmental environment, was split off or disowned in order to adapt. Sensitve, supportive people can help us to regain contact with those areas of energy in us. In my case, my Gestalt colleagues saw Peter Pan peeking out of me. With their help, I regained contact with a spontaneous, michevous, energetic, and unselfconscious part of myself that had long been missing. I have drawn on that Peter Pan energy at opportune moments ever since.
One of the things Dr. Freemesser talked about was how each of us has a spiritual identity. This name is something we can discover over the course of our lives. An aware counsellor can facilitate this process. This idea can be found elsewhere--in the religious tradition of taking on a new name, and in the work of authors such as Ursula LeGuin. In my case, I have learned part of my name, being linked to the Wind.
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